Stamp Concrete

Stamped Concrete Pool Deck: Anthony’s Story

In the spring of 2015, Anthony contacted Nu-Crete because he needed a Stamped Concrete Pool Deck for his for his newly installed pool. He wasn’t interested in a typical look or pattern. His taste leaned toward a Southwestern theme. Our project manager worked with Anthony to come up with the perfect layout and style […]

Stamp Concrete Front Porch | Retaining Wall

Jeremy called on Nu-Crete to help finish off their vision to take an outdated home and transform it into the modern dream home that they’ve always wanted with a stamp concrete front entrance.  Jeremy’s wife fell in love with the location and character of this older style home but wanted it to have an […]

Stamp Concrete Patio: Barb’s Story

When we meet with people to discuss their projects, we love discovering what their dream is and how we can make it happen. We work with every homeowner to design the layout of every project.  We don’t look at their project as if we are building a stamp concrete patio, but we look at […]