Stamped ConcreteAs a homeowner you have numerous choices when it comes to materials that can be used for a home improvement project.  And if you’re looking to install a patio, pool deck, or walkway you might be wondering if stamped concrete is the right material for you to use.  To help you decide we wanted to help you learn about the various benefits of stamped concrete and why it’s now the preferred material of choice for patios, pool decks, and walkways.


Unlike wood patios that used to be the all the craze 10-15 years ago, concrete is highly durable and can stand up to our wide range of weather conditions even in our harsh Central NY winters.  When installed correctly, stamped concrete will last longer than any other type of masonry installation.  To ensure its durability Nu-Crete double reinforces their concrete using rebar and fiber reinforcing.   And all of our stamped products use a 4000 psi (or higher) exterior concrete mix.     


Concrete has endless design versatility.  No two jobs are ever the same.  So your walkway, pool deck, or patio won’t ever look like your neighbors.  There have been many recent advances in coloring techniques and stamping tools.  Since concrete is easily formed into any shape the spectrum of design with stamped concrete is more versatile now than ever before. 

We Help Control Where it Cracks

There’s a long withstanding fallacy that concrete cracks uncontrollably.  This is just not true, so let’s clear the air.  The trick to concrete is that we need to help control where concrete cracks.  That’s why we saw cut “control joints” in our concrete products.  So essentially we are helping the concrete crack where we want it to, in our control joints.    

Needs Little Maintenance

Stamped concrete is extremely low-maintenance, as it has no joints (like pavers do) where weed growth can occur.  Unlike pavers that can settle unevenly over time presenting trip hazards, stamped concrete is a solid product.  All you need to do to keep your stamped concrete patio in tip top shape is to spray it clean with a garden hose and sweep it clean with a broom.  We also recommend re-sealing it every 2-3 years. 

Better Value

Stamped concrete can be textured, colored, and even stenciled to resemble pricier natural stone or brick pavers often at a fraction of the cost of those products.  The added aesthetic appeal and durability of stamped concrete will also boost the resale value of your home.   

Stamped concrete offers a series of benefits to homeowners who choose to install it on their patios, pool decks or walkways: it provides a great look for a reasonable price.  If you’re interested in installing stamped concrete in your patio, pool deck, or walkway, contact Nu-Crete today by calling (315) 727-3122 or click here to email us.